Triquetra ‒ a Celtic sign symbolising the bond between mother and child in Circle of Life medallion

How is Circle of Life medallion made? The tree of life formed out of hair and flower petals.

We create Together ring ‒ with mother’s milk, hair and an opal.

How to preserve a moment forever? Modular beads with mother’s milk, baby hair and flower petals

A two-phase bead with a natural opal, hair and the umbilical cord ‒ see how it is made!

From a drop of milk to a bead ‒ see how a small modular bead is made

Hide summer forever! ☀ A modular bead with sand, shell, hay and locks of hair

A perfect duo! Strands of hair against a milky background in Circle of Life medallion ❤

A new product in Milkies! Triple Moon necklace with breast milk filling and hair 🤍 Maja Hyży’s dream

Four beads in honour of beloved horses! 🐴 Jewellery with integrated horsehair

Memory locked in a piece of jewellery 🤍 Together ring with particles of ashes

Sentimental duo! Modular beads with a fragment of a wedding dress, drop of milk and a lock of hair ❤

Letter B surrounded by shimmering gold ✨ Circle of Life medallion with a lock of hair

A personal keepsake for many years 🥰 Circle of Life bracelet for Maja Hyży

Milkies jewellery of Emilia Komarnicka-Klynstra ☀

Mother’s love enclosed in a piece of jewellery! ✨ Together ring for Maja Hyży

A memory encapsulated in a piece of jewellery 🖤 a commemorative bead with ashes and hair

Circle of Life necklace and Unforgettable bracelet for the Mother of Ambroży and Ksymena 🥰

Treasures encapsulated in jewelry 💛 A sentimental duo with breast milk, umbilical cord and pet hair

Preserve your memories forever! 🦷 Baby’s first tooth and breast milk encapsulated in jewellery

he most beautiful fabric encased in jewellery 👰 modular bead with a wedding keepsake



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