The Milkies workshop was founded by Kasia Lew and her husband Michał in 2015. It quickly became a workplace for mothers not only in love with the idea of the company, but also united by a common life philosophy and attachment parenting.

We work together in a friendly, almost family atmosphere which makes us not only co-workers but also devoted friends. Almost all of us are parents, which is why we understand our customers’ expectations so well.

With full concentration, and utmost care and commitment, we make sure to turn your precious memories into beautiful jewellery.

The Milkies workshop is not just a workplace. It is a place where people who share similar life principles and are guided in life by intuition, warmth and kindness have met. A place where most of us are parents and we raise our children in accordance with the current of attachment parenting, mums breastfeed and dads carry their babies in a sling.


Together they have created a place where all team members feel at home and our relationships go far beyond those of co-workers.

We work in a very positive, family atmosphere and many of us can freely call each other friends on whom we can always count.
This is what allows the entire Milkies team to well understand our customers’ needs, expectations and dreams.


And who else is in the Milkies team?


Our master of pearls ‒ it is from Joasia’s hands that all the pearls for your bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings come out.

Joasia is also a specialist in special orders for modular beads. Five layers of accessories, symmetrical distribution, fabric hidden inside? Joasia will roll up her sleeves and get to work! She is a woman of action, not only at work but also in her private life. Joasia radiates extraordinary calm and a positive attitude towards the world and people ‒ she believes that good deeds always come back.

In her free time, she indulges in her passion which certainly also influences her manual skills ‒ she embroiders and crochets. She loves plants, animals, summer and soul-soothing coastal landscapes.


The materials you send come into her hands first ‒ Paulina receives them, marks them carefully, enters them into the system and checks whether the shipment complies with the order.

She is also responsible for preparing your materials for processing, laying them out and segregating them at the initial stage ‒ before they go to the casting shop and are incorporated into jewellery. Paulina regularly creates the most important document in our company ‒ the casting plan in which all orders from a given week are gathered along with detailed descriptions. The plan is printed at the end of each week, but before this happens it goes through a three-stage review. After printing it goes to the casting shop, that is the heart of our workshop, where your jewellery is made.

It is Paulina who is responsible for the entire process 😊 She has matter-of-fact attitude, is conscientious and at the same time extremely nice, and ‒ luckily for us ‒ technically gifted as when the electricity goes out and the Internet does not work, Paulina steps in and saves the company.


Karolina receives finished pearls which her skilled hands drill, then polish and fix in settings.

Thanks to her precision, we have raised the technique of integrating pearls into settings to a high level so that the jewellery pleases your eyes for as long as possible without being damaged. Karolina is the mother of Antek and Mieszko, and in her free time she hones her skills by making handicrafts ‒ she crochets and weaves wonders from strings.


A master of modular beads ‒ it is Karolina who receives them after casting, polishes them, fits them into appropriate settings and glues them together.

We rarely see Karolina without a smile, her positive energy fills the workshop with sunshine almost every day. What she enjoys most about her job, she admits, is the opportunity to participate in the process of creating unique, personal keepsakes for our customers.

She considers it a great privilege and honour that she is taking part in the process. Karolina is a single mother of a boy, she loves running, rollerblading, travelling and crocheting.


Ewa is a person of many talents, able to organise work in the company on almost all positions.

Precision is her middle name ‒ it is Ewa who watches over the correct course of chemical processes, spotting any imperfection in time. She drills and polishes pearls, glues beads, finishes filled rings. She also takes care of engraving and the arrangement of materials and additions in the jewellery ordered by you, ensuring excellent quality of workmanship and careful reproduction of sketches you send.

Privately she is a mother of a daughter and a son, and an enthusiast of active lifestyle and plant cultivation. She spends her weekends with her children cycling and at a stud farm, and in the summer she is planting and tending flowers, vegetables and fruit on her allotment.


Operations director, manager, our guide, advisor and greatest support.

She has been with the company from the beginning, and with a strong commitment she built the workshop together with Kasia and Michał ‒ Milkies is in fact her second home 😊 She is cordial and very professional, and we can count on her in every case.

She always offers valuable advice, listens, reorganises our work, helps to put out any fire and finalise even the most difficult order. Nothing is impossible for Anna.


The most insightful member of the team ‒ she will catch every filling flaw or blemish on a pearl.

She ensures the highest quality of jewellery, every piece must go to her ‒ her presence is a guarantee of perfection. Sometimes it amazes us ‒ for Dominika it is enough to have a glance at our product or its photograph to be able to determine flawlessly in a second what was hidden inside, what is the sheen of a pearl or if there really is a tooth in a medallion.

Her thoroughness is not only a trait acquired through her work at Milkies, but above all a token of respect for all breastfeeding mothers. Dominica’s son was born in the 32nd week of pregnancy, and her milky way was full of challenges and struggles for lactation.

Thanks to her determination, Dominika knows how important every drop of milk is to a breastfeeding mother and what value it will have when preserved in a commemorative piece of jewellery.


Marta ‒ the queen of patience and diligence. At Milkies she oversees one of the final stages before orders are dispatched ‒ she handles the assembly of your jewellery.

She combines all the elements into a delightful whole and it gives her incredible satisfaction 😉 Milkies is not just a job for her, she treats this place like her second home. Privately she is a mother of two (and soon three!) children and two angels, and a happy wife. She loves dancing which she has trained regularly for years.

Her favourite way of spending free time is with her family on walks or bicycle trips. She loves every kind of travel, but her heart beats faster especially at the thought of mountain hikes.

Being an optimist, she sees the good in everyday life and strives most of all to be ‒ simply ‒ happy and not to regret anything.


Ola is the last person to see your wonders before shipment ‒ she is responsible for preparing them before they reach you!

She wipes down each element, carefully arranges them on sponges and in boxes, packs them into pre-prepared envelopes, checks that all the details definitely match, and then sends the packages. Ola knows full well that every order is one-of-a-kind and loves getting to know your unique stories.

She is happy to be involved in the process of preserving your most precious memories, and the fact that you entrust them to us is something she is proud of. Privately Ola is the mother to Peter and happily married. She loves long walks in the woods with her family, cooking and handicraft.


Emilia is our Milkies treasure ‒ all the stunning, artistic photos and videos you see were made by her.

Like no one else, in her photographs she captures your extraordinary stories as well as emotions accompanying your keepsakes. The Milkies team is like a family to her, full of support and smiles, like a second home where she can creatively fulfil herself and do what she loves most.

Art is an inseparable part of her life ‒ after work she does functional painting, sews, sings, photographs, explores plant cultivation and arranges the decor of her home. Emilia is the mother of Ignacy and a happy wife, and the job at Milkies is, she says, the best she could imagine.


Malwina is the link between you and us ‒ she replies to your messages in German, at virtually any time of day or night 😉

She will advise you with a smile, guide you through the most remote corners of our shop and support you in your decision-making. She is positive about the world and energetic ‒ a girl who does not seem to need coffee 😉 She admits Milkies is the best workplace she could imagine.

She greatly appreciates the well-integrated team, constant support from the company’s management and the family atmosphere, thus, customer service is a pleasure for her. Milkies combined two of Malwina’s great passions ‒ her love of jewellery and foreign languages.


Maja’s main focus at the moment is on being a mother ‒ she and her husband are raising three children, including a baby, and so far she has been responsible for Milkies’ email contact with Polish and English customers.

She also checked payments, assigned them to orders and wrote Milkies texts ‒ descriptions, posts and content for the newsletter. Maja loves spending her free time with her loved ones, preferably actively, that is on travels or long bike trips. She is also fond of cooking together, discovering new flavours, and is passionate about good literature and cinema.


Our support from abroad ‒ Maja lives in Germany and helps Milkies remotely from there.

You can contact Maja by phone or WhatsApp regarding orders coming from Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Maja also speaks excellent Polish and supports us linguistically with written translations.


The man without whom Milkies would be lost.

Christopher is responsible not only for the website or the creation of graphics, but also for organising our workstations, equipping us with necessary accessories or configuring our computers which, fearing his intervention, instantly start working properly 😉

Whether it is a new mouse, headphones, lamp or 120 litres of coffee milk, Christopher is up to any task.


Kasia communicates with customers in English, she is responsible for media relations, collaboration with influencers and other partners as well as payments.

Her adventure with Milkies began when she worked in jewellery making, and she knows the process from the ground up so she is sure to answer all your questions and guide you through the ordering process. Privately she is a mother of a son and daughter and a typical owl ‒ she works best at night 😉

She loves singing ‒ she used to sing professionally, now she happily hums lullabies to her children. Kasia is also a big fan of babywearing which makes the bond even tighter and strengthens the closeness between mother and baby.


At Milkies Monika deals with jewellery at the stage of the creation of beautiful, artistic designs such as a tree or a heart.

From her talented hands come symbolic medallions with fine arrangements, full of meanings important to our customers. Privately Monica is a mother of three joyful daughters, wife to Tomasz and a zodiac twin to the core 😉 At the company we always see her cheerful, smiling and ready to help.


Kasia handles human resources and settlements at Milkies. She is diligent in meeting deadlines, completing documents and taking care of the administrative and formal aspects of our business.

Privately she is a mother of two daughters, an enthusiast of distant travel, music (especially rock ballads), coffee and chocolate 😉 Kasia is an extremely warm, outgoing and supportive person, she is one of many good Milkies souls.


Milkies copywriter and social media specialist.

She puts into words the emotions that accompany your stories, often shedding a tear herself 😉 She has been writing for as long as she can remember, and creating for Milkies gives her great pleasure because she knows that her words do not form descriptions of ordinary jewellery ‒ there are extraordinary, personal stories behind them, and those are the ones she likes to write about the most.

She has a degree in French and spends every spare moment out of the city with her beloved husband and dog. She is passionate about a holistic approach to health, herbal medicine, ayurveda, literature, theatre and music.


Kasia has been at Milkies since the beginning. She shows great commitment to contacting her Polish customers both by e-mail and by telephone. She will answer any questions, give advice and dispel any doubts ‒ her kindness and cheerfulness make shopping at Milkies a pleasure.

If there is anyone who knows our system inside out, it is certainly Kasia 😉 She works in close cooperation with virtually all departments within the company. Well organised, matter-of-fact, sincere and at the same time extremely strong and brave ‒ that is Kasia all over.

She comes out of every battle with her head held high thanks to her strength of character, support of her friends and her two dear children. Enthusiast of extreme sports, dancing till dawn and black humour.