Golden ring 585 / 14 carat “Love Around”


A 14-carat gold ring with an original shape, topped with a tiny 4 mm milk pearl
For ring orders, we recommend having the ring size measured by a jeweler. If the ring does not fit due to incorrect measurement, it can not be enlarged or reduced due to the beads or stones used. Therefore, have your size measured by the professional.

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Hair strands embedded in the pearl *
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Other fillings

Other fillings
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Golden ring 585 / 14 carat “Love Around”

LOVE-AROUND-2The “Love Around” ring is available in three colours of precious gold: yellow, white and rose.

The sizes of pearls:

  • The ring’s pearl: 4 mm
The price includes:

  • The ring in the selected precious gold colour option
  • Your breast milk pearl
  • Elegant packaging


How much of the breast milk is needed?

We need around 20 ml of breast milk for your entire order.

Can I use frozen breast milk?


What is the maximum age of the breast milk / umbilical cord?

There are no restrictions regarding the age of the breast milk and/or the umbilical cord.

What should be the size of the hair strand?

Approximately 2 cm x 5 mm.

What should be the size of the umbilical cord?

1 cm of the purple part.


What's the best way to pack the breast milk securely?

The best way to pack the breast milk is to place it in a triple layer of plastic bags used for food storage.

What's the best way to ship the breast milk?

Please send the breast milk using recorded mail in a bubble padded envelope.

Will the breast milk remain fresh after the journey?

No, but breast milk in all its states can be used for jewellery making, after conservation.

Do you ship abroad?

Yes, free of charge with the exception of additional charges (e.g. customs).


Isn't the milk most fragile and prone to going bad in high temperatures?

This will not affect the jewellery making. As soon as we have received your breast milk, it undergoes our conservation procedure, which can be applied to breast milk in every state.

Can I order jewellery without breast milk?

Yes, please choose the option: "Other Fillings", which can be found with every product option.

What is the waiting time?

The waiting time is up to 10 weeks.