Celebrate Endless Love with MILKIES®

Give Mum a treat!

Every day we create necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets with the most important memories of motherhood for you.



Gift vouchers at promotional prices and a unique gift for FREE!


To celebrate motherhood, we have prepared a special offer in the form of vouchers at promotional prices – but that’s not all!

For a voucher worth more than 200€ we add a unique gift – the necklace Luna or the bracelet Freya with a ready engraving on a silver disc (there are 11 motifs to choose from).

In this way, the recipient will have two reasons to be happy – the first is to put together her own jewellery with a voucher, and the second is in the form of a tangible gift that she will receive together with the voucher.

Vouchers with a choice of gift


Choose a gift voucher at the promotional price and get a personalised gift to go with it!



at a special offer price – a discount of up to 50%!

Make someone happy with this gift in the form of a voucher for personalised jewellery!

The voucher comes to you in an elegant box and the recipient can take her time to choose her dream jewellery and the memories she wants to immortalise in it.


Reduced vouchers

The perfect gift for any occasion



Symbolic Motherhood jewellery collection with ready engraved motifs.

The role of mother is extraordinary and deserves an equally extraordinary setting. For Endless Love Celebration, we have prepared a special collection of necklaces and bracelets with symbolic motifs that will make every mother’s heart beat faster!

Engraved jewellery

Symbolic collection of motifs



A printable version of the gift voucher for mums

Every mum knows best which memories are worth keeping in jewellery – an electronic gift voucher, valid for a year, allows you to make the best decision. We can send it to you at the last minute!

Virtual vouchers

Printable vouchers perfect as a last minute gift