How do I send my milk and other inclusions?

Express 10 ml of milk or use the same amount of milk that is frozen but please defrost it before packaging and triple-pack it into breast milk storage bags. Pour the breast milk into the first bag, then carefully fold it to remove any excess air. Seal the bag tightly and pack into the remaining two bags, one after another. Make sure it is labelled with your name, surname and order number exactly as illustrated.
If you are sending any keepsakes, such as hair strands, the umbilical cord or a part of the placenta, please place those in a sheet of aluminium foil forming a secure rectangular package. (Please note: we can only accept dried or powdered forms of placenta.)
Please send us a minimum of approximately 2 cm long and 0.5 cm wide hair strands and about 1 cm piece of your umbilical cord (please leave some of the umbilical cord at home). Label it with your name, surname and order number.
Place all the items in a padded, bubble-lined, envelope or a box and send them preferably via DHL to:

Wapienna 4a/2
71-790 Szczecin

Please send only one bag with milk to an order regardless of the number of pearls that are to be made from it. If we receive more than one bag with milk, we assume we received two different materials. It also applies to baby’s hair. There is no need to separate hair into strands – one for every pearl. In this situation we assume the hair comes from more than one child. One order – one bag with milk – one package with hair.

What is the preferred shipping method?

We recommend shipping your materials by courier, not by international mail.

In our experience, DHL is the safest shipping option, but this may vary depending on your country!

Please be sure to declare your package as a “FREE SAMPLE” with no commercial value.

Can I use frozen milk?

Absolutely! Frozen milk is suitable for creating jewellery, even if it has been frozen for many years. However, the milk must be fully thawed before shipping, otherwise the condensation could drench the envelope. Also, to minimise the risk of damage in the shipping, please make sure that the amount of milk does not exceed 10 ml.

Will I be notified when my payment has been processed?

Yes, as soon as we process your payment, you will be notified via e-mail.

Will I be notified when you receive my materials?

Yes, the day we receive your materials, we make a note of it on our system and notify you straight away via e-mail.

Won't the breast milk go bad during the journey?

In our experience, breast milk rarely arrives spoiled due to its antibacterial properties. Once received, your milk undergoes several sterilising stages of production, which ensure that the final product is always suitable for use in jewellery making.

The milk is especially prone to going bad in high temperatures, isn't it?

That’s not a problem and it does not affect the jewellery making process. As soon as it arrives, your breast milk undergoes our preservation procedures, which can be applied to breast milk in any form. After the mother’s milk has been processed, it is frozen in two laboratory tubes and awaits the creation of the pearls. For this purpose we usually use about 4 ml of milk and the remaining amount is stored as a reserve.

I'm having trouble expressing the required amount of milk. What should I do?

Allow yourself time and try to express a drop or two daily (hand expressing may be helpful) until the amount of 10 ml is reached. Do not worry that the milk is no longer fresh. Store it in a sealed container in the fridge.



How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Currently, the order processing time is up to 9 weeks from the date we receive your breast milk and/or keepsakes. As soon as all the necessary sterilisation procedures have been carried out, your milk is made into the pearl(s) that will form the centrepiece of your handcrafted Milkies jewellery. The unused portion of your milk, clearly marked, will be stored for six months (the length of your warranty period). During this time, you can place a new order without having to send any additional milk.

How much does the shipping cost? Do you ship worldwide?

Milkies® ships jewellery throughout the European Union via:
– International Post
– Express courier service

Delivery to countries outside the European Union is possible via:
– Express courier service
– Express courier service including all customs duties (customs, vat)

The shipping price varies depending on the country and delivery method, therefore the current price can only be seen in the Cart after selecting the destination address.

Do you accept returns?

No, due to the extremely personal nature of the product, it is not possible to return any Milkies jewellery.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, but only if the breast milk and/or keepsakes have not yet arrived at Milkies headquarters. We begin the lengthy and expensive preservation processes immediately upon arrival of your material. Once the process has started, the order cannot be cancelled.
Should you wish to cancel your order, please email as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Will my jewellery look just as it does in the pictures on your website?

We spend very long hours working on every detail of the Milkies jewellery to make it as beautiful as it possibly can be and as close to the examples presented on our website as possible. However, due to the nature of our product, which is painstakingly handcrafted with utmost care, it would be impossible to create a 100% identical item. In our view, that is what differentiates handcrafted jewellery from their mass-manufactured counterparts the most. In our experience, the finished look and quality of your personalised Milkies jewellery are often higher than the samples shown on our website.

Can you engrave my baby's/child's name or any other text on my jewellery?

Yes, of course. For a small fee, you can add a personalised engraving, which will be placed on the Milkies tag (the text length must not exceed 8 characters). Popular choices are your baby’s/child’s name, their initials and/or date of birth.

Is the gold plating durable?

While it’s true that gold plating isn’t as durable as solid gold itself, Milkies have made every effort to ensure the highest quality of our plated jewellery. Our coatings are thick and chemically reinforced against abrasion. However, we recommend the silver or solid gold jewellery for everyday wear, while the gold-plated versions for special occasions.

Do the milk beads turn yellow over time?

Our milk processing procedure is constantly revised and improved upon. The pearls are made from an adequately processed mother’s milk and a most UV-resistant jeweller’s resin. Under constant supervision of our chemists, the processed milk retains its milky white shade, natural glow and unique character. If there is a slight change of tint from the initial white after some time, it will only show the use of a natural material.

We recommend the pearls are stored in a dedicated Milkies packaging while not worn and care is taken of them in accordance to Milkies instructions.
More information about the process of creating Milkies pearls can be found in the “Workshop” section of our website.

How is the jewellery made?

The making

To ensure the highest possible quality of our work, all Milkies jewellery is painstakingly made by hand with the use of specialist state-of-the-art devices. Quality control is applied at every stage of the process, so that the results could exceed your expectations and last for yours to come.


Mother’s milk and other keepsakes of biological origin undergo a unique method of preservation, devised solely by Milkies. Following that process, the material is then fixed with a jeweller’s resin. It is this processing technology that has the greatest impact on the durability of our pearls and their milky white qualities.
The entire process of Milkies jewellery creation is constantly overlooked and improved upon by an experienced chemist in our modernly equipped laboratory. As a result, we produce a unique and individual product of the highest quality.



Precious Metals

Choice of:

  • Sterling Silver – 925 sterling silver plated with additional silver
  • Gold – 925 sterling silver plated with 24-carat yellow gold
  • Rose gold – 925 sterling silver plated with 24-carat rose gold
  • Solid gold 585/ 14 carat
  • Solid rose gold 585/ 14 carat
  • Solid white gold 585/14 carat

Breast milk pearls

Finish choices

  • Milky white with a natural sheen
  • Milky white with a pearlescent sheen
  • Milky white with a golden sheen

What are the chain lengths you offer?

Choice of:

  • 41 cm
  • 45 cm
  • 51 cm

Can I add a different keepsake to my jewellery?

We specialise in breast milk preservation. The pearls with your milk can be further personalised with an addition of keepsakes such as a strand of your child’s hair, small piece of the umbilical cord, and dried or powdered placenta (these options are available from our shop).
Other inclusions may be possible on request.
Milkies’ pearls can also be made with no breast milk. This option is available in every product.

Can I buy a single pearl only? Or a pendant without a chain?

The pendants are typically sold in a set with a chain but it is possible to buy one without a chain or a single pearl if you wish. Please get in touch via the contact page.

Can I place a custom order?

We accommodate for orders to be personalised in a number of ways: by selecting the kinds of pearls you would like, the colour of the precious metal your jewellery is made of, length of the chain, shape and colour of additional beads, etc.
You can further customise your jewellery by modifying the number and/or size of the pearls for every product you choose. It is also possible to add personal touches by incorporating one of your child’s hair strands or by adding a engraved tag.
Many great ideas for new Milkies jewellery styles come from our customers. Your suggestions are most welcome!



How to take care of your Milkies jewellery

Our special jewellery is made with love and care and designed to serve you for many years. Nevertheless, it is useful to follow a few simple rules to keep it looking its best for a very long time.
Protect your jewellery from excessive moisture and exposure to chemical substances- avoid dipping in water, contact with hairspray, perfume, creams, oils, and harsh cleaning products. It can be cleaned with a soft dry cloth. We do not recommend wearing your jewellery in a sauna or while playing sports. Although our beads are made with a UV-resistant resin, this does not make them UV-proof. To avoid discolouration of the beads, please keep your jewellery away from prolonged exposure to heat or sunlight. Jewellery resin is a solid, durable material that does not chip easily but it is recommended that you can protect your milk beads from falling.

Does the jewellery come with a warranty?

For your precious keepsake, Milkies offers a 6-month warranty from date of purchase. The warranty covers flaws including discolouration of the milk pearls and defects of the jewellery brackets.



Where to find us?

Purchase – through our online store

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Instagram – a visual diary of the life at Milkies

I need a quick reply to my enquiry please. What is the best way to contact you?

Please send us an e-mail or contact through a Facebook fanpage.