About us

My name is Kasia and I have been a breastfeeding mum for over 5 years now.
From the start of my breastfeeding adventure, I have been promoting it amongst other mums. In our team, we support each other breastfeeding our children for as long as possible. Breastfeeding has become an incredibly important part of my life, both professionally, and privately. It is all about breast milk! 🙂


Our company, Milkies, was established in 2015.
Apart from my husband and me, the Milkies Team consists of many people who – just like us – believe in and are devoted to the brand’s ethos and vision. With utmost care, understanding and precision, the Milkies Team works hard to transform your precious breast milk and keepsakes into beautiful jewellery.

Creating the pearls

Our jewellery is made entirely by hand. In order to ensure its highest quality, we use the best available tools and devices, as well as monitor quality at every stage of the production process. As a result, our jewellery dazzles you from the very first moment you see it. It helps to keep treasured memories for many years to come.


Mother’s milk and other keepsakes of biological origin undergo a unique process of preservation devised by Milkies. Following that, the material is then fixed with jeweller’s resin. It is this processing technology that has the greatest impact on the durability of our pearls and their milky white qualities.
The entire process of Milkies jewellery creation is constantly monitored and improved upon by an experienced chemist in our modernly equipped laboratory. As a result, we produce a special and original product of the highest quality.