Breast milk jewellery

Unique keepsake pearls with mother's milk,
amber, hair curls and umbilical cord


More than just a piece of jewellery

Extremely intimate mother-child relationship
immortalized in a small souvenir


Unique and personal memories

enclosed in breast milk or amber pearls
with hair curls and fragments of umbilical cord


An extremely emotional period of breastfeeding

preserved forever in a tangible way, each one tells a unique story


Breastmilk jewellery

probably the most personal jewellery in the world
Priceless souvenirs - immortalized in high quality jewellery.

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Breast milk jewellery

Milkies jewellery is a handcrafted keepsake that commemorates the unique bond formed between the mother and child during breastfeeding. A few drops of milk are infused into each pearl, then framed with silver or gold to create a personalised memento.

Jewellery with a hair strand and a piece of umbilical cord

Baby’s delicate hair strands as well as fragments of preserved umbilical cord can make stunning additions to your Milkies pearls. These treasured souvenirs, kept by mothers since the dawn of time, add a personal touch and a subtle uniqueness to your jewellery. Hair strands and the umbilical cord can also be added to the pearls, with no breast milk, if that’s your preference.

Crafted with precision and care

Combining remarkable artistry with advanced technology
Perfect Pearls

Uniformly structured with a naturally intense shine. Our pearls don’t require any additional lacquer or polishing.


Our advanced processing technology ensures the pearls are free from air bubbles and discolouration.

Quality materials

All Milkies Jewellery is made from genuine 925 sterling silver and plated with a choice of 24-carat gold, rose gold or silver.

Exceptional composition

Whether you prefer a modern look or a more traditional style, our timeless designs ensure you’ll always be in fashion.


by moments

European modular charms series without breast milk

The Gold Collection

Memories set in solid gold

  • Golden necklace 585 / 14 carat “Balance”

  • Golden chain bracelet 585 / 14 carat “Miracle”

  • Golden necklace with pendant 585 / 14 carat “Serenity”

  • Golden earstuds 750 / 18 carat “Unity”

  • Golden ring 585 / 14 carat “Love Around”



An essential piece of jewellery no woman should be without

States of Mind

Unique engraved jewellery

Engraved tags are also available as an addon to our signature pieces…


An added touch of class for any occasion


Delicate and subtle, always with you


Perfect as a stand-alone piece or as a complement to any jewellery set

  • Bracelet “Unforgettable” with a milky pearl

  • Bracelet “Unforgettable” with three milky pearls

  • Bracelet “Over the Moon”

  • Bracelet “Infinity”

  • “Infinity & Beyond” – a bracelet with a modular charm

  • A small european charm compatible with Essence and Thomas Sabo modular bracelet

  • Pandora compatible european modular bracelet charm – round

  • Pandora compatible european modular bracelet charm – flat

  • Pandora compatible european modular bracelet charm – faceted

  • Sale!

    A set of memories – 2 different modular european charms

    140.00 120.00
  • Sale!

    A set of memories – 3 different modular european charms

    210.00 180.00
  • “Dream Come True” hanging Charm



Perfectly matched pieces you won’t want to take off


The perfect gift for every occasion